Advertise on HumGuide

As always, Basic Listings on HumGuide are free. However, you can increase your visibility in a few ways.

Enhanced Listing
An Enhanced Listing appears in a box set aside above all the other listings in a particular category. When a user clicks on the listing they will see additional information such as email, phone and address (if you have submitted that). Finally, Enhanced Listings will be put in rotation on the home page under Featured Listings. Up to four sites will be displayed each time the home page loads. Enhanced Listings can be purchased for $9/month or $90/year. You can Enhance your listing easily from within your My HumGuide page.

Banner Ad
Banner ads appear at the very top of every page and can be directed to any site. They are displayed in random rotation on every page load. When you have a Banner Ad you will have access to trafiic-related statistics on your My HumGuide page. This is also where you can purchase a Banner Ad for only  $10/month.  As we build our traffic up we expect advertising charges to increase, so, get in on the ground floor now!

HumGuide Gallery
We are seeking interesting photos from all over Humboldt County. You may submit a photo from within My HumGuide to be added to the Gallery and you can associate that image with one of your sites. Submitting an image is free, but as with any content, images are subject to review and accetpance is solely at the discretion of the HumGuide Team.

If you have any questions about advertising on HumGuide please don't hesitate to contact us.